Pure Silver Bi-Wire Loudspeaker Cable
Prestige Series
"Did you hear that? The sound just fly by you!"
IO Comcept is proud to announce our Bi-Wire Loudspeaker Cable in our pure silver Prestige series. Designed by IO Comcept's "Engineer of Sound Department", composed of approximately 1,100 high quality 6N (99.9999% pure silver) wire, 90 stranded (with special angle) two pair conductor; one pair designed for high frequency, and one pair for low frequency to offer you a new definition of sound.

The cable is compost of several different layers for best shielding. During the process, Polyethylene Insulation is used in outer and also inner
conductor jacket to separate the center conductor for best isolation. High density 767 stranded Double-Layer (Silver Plated 99.999% OFC) braid shielding, also a thin paper wrap is put in to allow the shielding to slide under the PVC jackets during tight bending of cable. The complicated works had been put together for shocking absorbance and to eliminate EMI interference to ensure the best quality output and the listener's ultimate sound enjoyment experience.

Overall Diameter: 20mm
Connector: 24K gold plated banana plug (screw on type) capable of
Connector: changing with spade
Upgrade: Pure Silver Spade
"The purity of sound just made me speechless; it's just like having a new system installed"