About us
IO Comcept Corporation, the world class manufacturer and supplier for Pure Silver Hi-End Audio Cables, quality computer cables, and accessories.

IO Comcept is the leading provider of cables and peripherals that integrate the connectivity solutions for the largest and most innovative OEMs and contract manufacturers in the Hi-End Audio Cable, computer, networking, and telecommunications sectors of the electronics industry.

Having our own ISO certified manufacturing facility in China, We have been manufacturing and keep improving our product since 1994, establishing a strong presence in Asia and Europe market. Our company has devour our self to deliver the experience, quality and commitment to service that turns customers into long-term partners. Since 2005, we have decided to bring our quality and competitive price to United States to better serve our customers in the region.

Our quality product lines include cables, connectors, external enclosures, to wide varieties of networking devices and computer peripherals. IO Comcept also carry full line of computer cables for all computer needs.

Our Customers choose IO Comcept because of our:

4Industry Knowledge
4Technical Expertise
4In-House Design/Engineering
4Total Quality Control
4Reliable products
4Responsive Service

What does IO Comcept mean?

IO is the initial for Input & Output
Comcept stands for communication and concept

IO Comcept's goal is to incorporate its innovative concepts into a variety of products that are responsible for the communication between various Input and Output devices.

Our objective is "To turn the vender relationship into a genuine partnership, with competitive price and superior quality." At IO Comcept, you are not only getting a simple line of products, but also the innovation, quality, and services.