1.8 inch External Enclosure with OneTouch Backup
Tired of selecting and searching files you need to backup constantly?
IO Comcept offer you the first "one touch backup" 1.8" External Enclosure. The USB 2.0 drive enclosure is the smallest portable HDD Enclosure you can find. It's easy to use and carry. The enclosure supports a 1.8 inch Toshiba Notebook hard drive. It's perfect for business traveler, professional home or mobile users.
4Complies with Universal Serial Bus specification Rev. 1.1 and 2.0
4Supports 1.8" sized IDE devices
440 Times Faster than USB 1.1
4Supports IDE ATA100/66 protocol
4Transfer Rate: Up to 480MB/sec
4ATAPI-6 Specification Rev. 1.0 compliant
4Quick one touch data transfer (after AP program is setup)
4PIO mode, DMA mode 0~2, Ultra-DMA mode 0~4
4Easy installation, no jumper or ID setting
4Automatic full/high-speed mode change

41.8" Enclosure
4USB 2.0 Cable
4CD software driver